Finding A Winning Mindset For An Inventor

Something that most – if not all – successful inventors need is a winning mindset to help them persevere through to the end. Winning projects don’t just create themselves! With this is in mind, I was interested to read the website of a London based hypnotherapist, Deborah. The harsh reality is that most of us … [Read more…]

Economic Citizenship Explained

Some weeks ago I wrote about the idea of entrepreneurs buying citizenship from European countries, such as Malta. A little extra time has passed and I still see the idea on my radar often. It reminded me to look closer and I found this website that quite neatly explains the role of citizenship by investment. … [Read more…]

Selling Your Idea To A Stock Market Listed Company

Something that all inventors dream of is the big sale of an idea to a major company. Selling to a small company means a small cheque, a large company offers the prospect of a much bigger cheque This usually means that the inventor needs to work their way through multiple levels of upper management to … [Read more…]

Staying In A Three Star Hotel In Malta

A recent event which was attended by your author was for inventors in southern Europe. It was a moderately attended affair, perhaps the economic malaise that is setting Europe back has an impact on attendance…? While at the event, in Malta, I did not see any great new leaps forward and apart from a couple … [Read more…]

Is European Citizenship For Sale?

As I look around the world and news for ideas of new and innovative business models, something has come to my mind often. The model is neither new, or innovative, which is why it comes to mind – because the proponents use those words to describe their schemes every time! I am referring to citizenship … [Read more…]

A Fantasy Football Innovator

Innovation in business models can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Mostly, we think of innovation as something that people in white coats do in a lab. Of course this is not the case. For most businesses, innovation is all about trial and error. Thinking about something, coming up with an idea, … [Read more…]